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Depuis 2003, la fondation Synapsis a réussi quelques avancées grâce au soutien de ses fidèles donatrices et donateurs.




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  • Près de 25 millions de francs octroyés à la recherche

Approuvé en 2021

«Elucidation of the role of brain barriers on fluid drainage and antibody access in Alzheimer’s disease»
Steven Proulx, PhD, University of Bern

«Real-life activity tracking as pre-screening tool for early stages of Alzheimer disease»
Prof. Dr. Nicolas Langer, University of Zurich

«A quantitative single cell approach to measure protein turnover perturbations in human neurons»
Prof. David Suter,  EPFL

«Similarities and differences between Alzheimer`s and vascular dementia concerning aberrant hippocampal network coding causing spatial memory impairment»
Dr. med. Anna-Sophia Wahl, University of Zurich

«Noradrenergic control of mammalian sleep architecture and arousability – towards novel sleep biomarkers for preclinical stages of Alzheimer’s disease»
Prof. Anita Lüthi, University of Lausanne

«Novel, specific protein structural biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Dementia with Lewy Bodies»
Prof. Paola Picotti, ETH Zurich

«Association between wake theta activity and levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease: A case-control study»
PD Dr. med. Salvatore Galati, University of Southern Switzerland (USI)

«Rationally designed peptides to inhibit prion toxicity»
Ioana-Mariuca Ilie, PhD, University of Zurich

«Dissecting phagocytosis-deficient microglia in Alzheimer’s and Prion diseases via genome-wide CRISPR screens»
Jiang-An Yin, PhD, University Hospital Zurich

«Improving sleep to prevent cognitive decline»
Marc Züst, PhD, University of Bern

Approuvé en 2020

«Brain-derived extracellular vesicles as diagnostic tool for tauopathies»
Prof. Nicolas Toni, Lausanne University Hospital - CHUV 
Details      Video

«Neuropeptidergic modulation of serotonin signaling as a basis for differential anxiety and fear responses to SSRI treatments in patients with mild cognitive impairments»
Prof. Ron Stoop, CHUV, University of Lausanne

«Regulation of reversible amyloids and stress granule maturation by cytosolic pH»
Prof. Matthias Peter, ETH Zurich

«Sleep as an opportunistic window for memory improvements in AD/FTD/FTD-ALS»
Prof. Smita Saxena, University of Bern

«Astrocyte mitochondria and neuronal function: A novel axis for Alzheimer's disease treatment»
Prof. Jean-Yves Chatton, University of Lausanne

«Interplay of cellular and molecular memory mechanisms in Alzheimer’s disease»
Maria Sol Fustiñana, PhD, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research

«Using super-resolution microscopy to unravel the physiological and pathological roles of TDP-43 liquid-liquid phase separation»
Pierre De Rossi, PhD, University of Zurich

«Home-based transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) for patients with Alzheimer’s disease»
Lucie Bréchet, PhD, University of Geneva

«The Neuronal Basis of Non-Motor Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease – Investigating the Role of Lateral Substantia Nigra Circuits on Cognitive Dysfunctions»
Sabine Krabbe, PhD, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE)

«Ultrastructure of Parkinson’s pathology in post-mortem human brain»
Amanda Lewis, PhD, EPFL

Approuvé en 2019

«The role of astrocytic fatty acid b-oxidation in health and in Alzheimer’s disease»
Prof. Marlen Knobloch, University of Lausanne
Details      Video

«Astrocyte development and function in primary familial brain calcification»
Annika Keller, PhD, Zurich University Hospital

«AD-Nets: Understanding Alzheimer’s phenotype at the level of large neuronal networks in tauopathy-associated dementia»
Prof. Benjamin Grewe, University of Zurich, ETH Zurich

«Stabilization of native Tau as therapeutic approach for Alzheimer's disease»
Prof. Roland Riek, ETH Zurich

«Prediction of post-stroke cognitive decline and dementia: impact of cognitive reserve and post-stroke life style»
PD Dr. med. Roza Umarova, University Hospital Bern

«Identification of systemic immune cell-related biomarkers for early Alzheimer’s disease progression»
Prof. Roger M. Nitsch, University of Zurich

«Developing nanopore as a diagnostic device for detection of protein post-translational modifications»
Chan Cao, PhD, EPFL

Eling D. de Bruin, PhD, ETH Zurich
Details      Video

«Adaptive gamified Body-Brain Training for patients with early Alzheimer’s disease»
Arseny Sokolov, PhD, University Hospital Bern


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